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Fort Lauderdale

Land for sale

Chula vista Lots

1955 SW 30 ter Fort Lauderdale,33312


Lot #1  $159,000  10,008 sq ft

Lot#2  $159,000   10,008 sq ft



  • Plan set for the "Butterfly" house

  • Sample Gant schedule and Budget for the project.

  • Bonus construction documents

Download development 


The "Butterfly"
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2010 SW 31st ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33312 

*Stem Wall Foundation plans (reference only) *: All land and soil is different. You must hire and architect and engineer to read the soil report you have done to determine the measures needed to take inorder to make the site ready to build as well as design a foundation that meets the engineering requirements for your soil type

Disclaimer pictures or plans displayed on this website may differ final product. Pictures are displayed for reference only. Quotations will detail order specifications.

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