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What is a Kit Home?

Kit homes are designed to make your build cost-effective and easy.  They can be shipped all over the United States in bundles that can be unloaded without any heavy machinery.  These house can be assembled by professionals or hobbyist up for a challenge.

Kit houses have been around for a very long time.  They are also known as Pre-cut houses and are considered to be a type of prefabricated home. 


We offer 2 layouts that can be adapted to just about any style, from simple modern to flamboyant colonial.


We quote fixed prices for all stud materials needed for the construction of a particular house, but typically excluding brick, concrete, or masonry (such as would be needed for laying a foundation, which the customer would have to arrange to have done locally).



How to build a kit home


Reserve your home to start the process


We coordinate with your architect to complete foundation, site plans and any other items your municipality may require.


Order your kit home

How much does a Kit home cost?


Kit Homes cost approximately $41/sq ft. Our butterfly kit home model costs in $68,000 and is 1650 square feet without shipping.

What is included in a kit home?

    • Roof steel studs (20 gauge)

    • Exterior wall studs (20 gauge) 

    • Interior walls studs (22 guage)

  • Stem Wall Foundation plans (reference only

  • Sample site plans

  • Gant schedule and Budget for the project.

  • Bonus construction documents 

  • Project Budget worksheet

  • Construction Documents: Sample contracts, Releases, Notice of termination and more

  • 2 hours of phone or email support

Whats not included in a kit home? 

  • Installation not included 

  • Shipping

  • everything besides the steel studs and connectors


The above picture shows what is included in your kit home after your contractor installs it. As you can see the home is installed on a concrete slab ​that is not included in the kit home and is installed by your contractor. You can opt to get the floor trusses in steel but that is extra and you will need to inslal them on a foundation designed by your architect.

Do you need a contractor to install a kit home?


Whether or not you need a contractor to install a kit home in the USA depends on several factors including your own skills, the complexity of the kit home, local building codes and regulations, and the requirements of the kit home manufacturer. Here are some considerations:

Building Codes and Regulations: In most places in the USA, there are building codes and regulations that must be followed when constructing a home. Some jurisdictions may require that certain types of work, such as electrical or plumbing, be done by licensed professionals.

Manufacturer Requirements: Some kit home manufacturers may require that their homes be installed by licensed contractors to ensure proper assembly and compliance with warranty requirements.

Your Skills and Experience: If you have experience in construction and feel comfortable taking on the project yourself, you may be able to install the kit home without the help of a contractor. However, if you lack experience or feel unsure about certain aspects of the construction process, hiring a contractor may be a wise choice.

Complexity of the Kit Home: The complexity of the kit home can also play a role in determining whether you need a contractor. Some kit homes are relatively simple to assemble and may not require professional assistance, while others may be more complex and require specialized knowledge and skills.

Insurance and Liability: Hiring a licensed contractor may offer you some protection in terms of insurance and liability in case something goes wrong during the installation process.

Before deciding whether to hire a contractor or tackle the installation yourself, it's important to carefully evaluate your own skills and experience, as well as any requirements from the kit home manufacturer and local building authorities. Additionally, you may want to consult with professionals in the construction industry for advice and guidance.

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