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Modular homes and HUD homes

 For sale in Florida

The following homes are built in a factory in Georgia or Florida. There are two different types of homes that are offer.

Modular Homes:

Built to the standards of the Florida building code with Exposure D HVWZ 180 MPH specifications. These homes are more expensive due to the extra material and labor it costs to construct.

HUD Homes:

Built to the HUD standards. More affordable but the locations are limited to where you can build. Ask your local zoning departments about city requirements.

Some information about the Dealer of these Homes

Q. How many years have you been in business and/or what year was the company founded?

Founded in 2017 we’ve been a licensed dealer for over 4 years. We’ve housed over 150 families to date! 

Q. Is there anything interesting or unique about how/why the company was founded?

We recognize rising costs and a shortage of “medium priced” home builders has made achieving the American Dream more difficult than ever. 

And, the quality of today’s homes are far superior to those of the past. 

We truly believe factory housing is the future and the decision informed consumers make (our founder lives in one!)

Q. Why did you get into the business?

We love everything about these homes and think you will too! 


Q. As a business, what is the thing you're most proud of?

Our team communicates regularly with each client throughout the entire process. 
We give weekly updates every Friday in addition to our regular calls/texts/emails/site visits. Our goal is for this to be an enjoyable and stress-free experience for you! 

Q. If you could pick one thing that TRULY separates you from competitors, what would it be? Similar question same answer: Is there anything interesting or unique about how/why the company was founded?

Our ability to service any customer within the state of Florida. Our knowledge base and robust network of contractors allows us to work from Tallahassee to Key West!


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