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Steel studs for the butterfly house 1650 sq ft

Butterfly kit home


     Building Package per drawings to include the following:

    All Exterior X4 insulated walls (5,1/2" 20 ga. LGS, Phase I Closed Cell PU @ R18) 

    All Interior non-insulated load bearing walls (3,1/2" & 5,1/2" 20 ga. LGS)

    All Interior non-insulated non-load bearing walls (3,1/2" & 5,1/2" 22 ga. LGS)

    Roof Trusses per drawings. Ridge/Hip Metals, hurricane clips per drawings 

    Roof Deck with 5/8" CDX Plywood & sub-fascia, ready for insulation/dry-in by others

    Anchor Bolts and Panel to Panel connections

    Door & Window openings

    Deco-Flash Vinyl Wndow Flashing, J/FC-series, with installation and dry-in

    Form and pour concrete slab-on-grade on customer prepared lot

    Header Beams & Column Structures, Shop drawings and install instructions.

    All Labor to erect structure (Foundation, Walls, Trusses, Roof Decking)

    10-Year Structural Warranty

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